Agile Assessment

AssessmentCan your company adapt to change rather than react to it?

Are you spending time building features that have little or no value to the business?

Does your company foster a flexible, collaborative environment that promotes transparency while fostering self-organization and passion?

There is only one way to find out!  Guidance’s Agile Assessment evaluates an organization’s Development maturity against The Agile Manifesto. We leverage information gathered from how your company works to assess where you fall against the major Agile concepts and use a scale to determine focus area's that are right for your organization:

ImmatureNo evidence of knowledge or implementation of Agile concepts and process.
BasicLittle knowledge or implementation of Agile concept and process.
GrowthFunctional organization commitment to education and effective implementation of Agile concept and process.
MatureEnterprise commitment to education, and effective implementation of Agile concepts and processes.


Information gathered through one-on-one interviews, group interview and observations will be used to construct a narrative for each of the Agile Concepts targeted in the Agile Assessment and will include both an observation and recommendation. Agile Assessments would typically include the following categories of results:

Training Needs
  • Informational: provided through documentation
  • Educational: provided through classroom or online training
  • Practical: provided through case-study and customized project-based training
Coaching and Mentoring
  • One-on-one coaching for individuals based upon their role
  • Team-based coaching by using an Agile Coach as a Scrum Master
Staff Augmentation
  • Recommendations of staffing changes or additions to become a high-performing Agile Team
  • Assistance in sourcing candidates

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