Agile Coaching

CoachingAlready using Agile?   New to Agile?  Either way, Guidance Technology can make you more effective and deliver greater value. Our Agile Coaching team will assess, educate, and enhance your agile teams within and throughout your organization.


Our Agile Coaches can:

  • Enhancing, Educating, Leading Agile practices within/through-out the organization
  • Current State Assessment of Scrum/Agile usage by the various team
  • Assess Role(s) definition per the Scrum and other Agile Methodologies
  • Assess productivity and throughput expected versus actual
  • Assess usage of Monitoring and Reporting tools
  • Provide Consulting Services to help make the teams more effective, focused on the right deliverables, communicating what is being worked on and ensuring that  Management has full transparency to the process.
  • Perform Scrum Master role for one or more engineering project

Supercharge your Company. Upgrade your team. Learn why Agile is the Answer.

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