Agile Classes

We offer the following Agile Classes on-site at your company:

To have an experienced instructor deliver one of these courses at your company, please contact us for pricing.  You can also download our entire course catalog here.


What people are saying

  • Todd and I worked together at State Street Corporation, where he played a key role in the transition to Agile software development. As an Agile coach, he leveraged his thorough understanding of best practices to promote organizational awareness and acceptance by senior management. Guidance Technology provided formal off-site training sessions for scrum team members, many of these individuals went on to become Professional Scrum Masters themselves.’ I look forward to working with his team in the future.

    Richard Moore / Senior System Architect at State Street Corp. /

  • I worked with Todd at State Street on an important data base migration project and he leveraged his thorough understanding of best practices to ensure the successful completion and what would have been an eight month project in four months. On a seprate occassion Todd was my instructor in Scrum Master training and his approach and knowledge enable me to successfully pass the certification for PSM1. It was a pleasure both working with and learning from Todd, his approach and professionalism was a breath of fresh air.

    Jerome Shannon / Sr Project Manager - Consultant at State Street /

  • I attended Todd's PSM (Professional Scrum Master) training course, and was impressed by his energy and enthusiasm. The course was fun, interesting, and full of helpul career information. If given the opportunity, take this course!

    Kathy Lang / Consultant, Project Manager, PSM /

Supercharge your Company. Upgrade your team. Learn why Agile is the Answer.

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Agile Assessment

Information gathered through one-on-one interviews, group interview and observations will be used to construct a narrative for each of the Agile Concepts targeted in the Agile Assessment and will include both an observation and recommendation.

Agile Coaching

Our Agile Coaching team will assess, educate, and enhance your agile teams within and throughout your organization.

Agile Enablement

Guidance Technology tailors the Agile Implementation to your company’s culture, establishing the Best Practices that work with your company and your people.

At Guidance Technology, everything we do is built around providing value. We are focused on helping our clients work smarter and more efficiently so that together, we can empower people to deliver great results. Interested in learning how your team can delivery amazing value?


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