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Could NBA Coach Steve Kerr be a Scrum Master?

On December 6, 2016, Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors scored 60 points in just 3 quarters of a game against the Indiana Pacers.  It was an amazing performance, and you can see the highlights over at ESPN, but that wasn't the only performance of the night.  You see,
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What is your highest priority?

Consumer Reports Withdraws Its Tesla Model S Recommendation At first glance, people see the headline from Consumer Reports above and think that Tesla has some really big problems.  Their car was just downgraded by Consumers Reports and their stock took a hit.  In their survey, Consumer Reports found a
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When does 25 – 8 not equal 17?

Just Noticing Saturday morning I was on my bicycle, training for the Pan-Mass Challenge.  We were making our way through some back roads and I realized how out of shape I was as I struggled to keep up with by friends.  I had fallen a bit behind and was peddling
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