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10 Ideas to Help you Lower your Stress Level at Work

Stress & Work

Like most people today, you are stressed out! You find that you don’t have a second to catch your breath, enjoy your breakfast or take a walk outside without constantly being interrupted. We live in a 24/7 world of communication and we are being trained in some pretty bad behavior (e.g. like checking our phones in the car.).

Constant communication can not only impact us as individuals, it can impact how we work in teams as well. Not giving proper attention to a fellow teammates work can lead to stress at the team level. Constant multi-tasking can lower productivity and impact your teams’ ability to deliver value.


You want to take time for yourself, but you just don’t know where to begin. Today, start by giving back to yourself and enjoying the Top 10 ideas to help you lower your stress level. (Hint: Mindfulness Meditation)

  1. How Meditation Benefits CEOs

    Learn why CEOs and senior executives are embracing meditation and mindfulness rather than recreation and relaxation alone. Meditation is providing something to benefit CEOs that other practices cannot.

  2. I Thought Meditation Was a Waste of Time. I Was Wrong

    After just eight weeks of mindful meditation, there appears to be a measurable change in brain regions that are associated with memory, sense of self, empathy and stress. If you are not meditating today, why not?
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  3. Meditation Has Become A Billion-Dollar Business

    In 2015, 22% of employers will offer mindfulness training, a percentage that could double in 2017. While not focused on material goals, business is booming.


  4. Salesforce puts meditation rooms on every floor after monks visit

    After a recent visit by 30 Buddhist monks, Mark Benioff took practicing meditation to a whole new level at Salesforce.

  5. Why Mindfulness And Meditation Matter In Leadership

    The benefits of meditations, mindfulness and stopping your thoughts are well documented, but are you doing it?

  6. There’s a surprisingly simple way meditation appears to change the brain

    Research shows that meditation and mindfulness help communication between key regions of the brain AND lower levels of stress.

  7. How An Hour Of Meditation Transformed My Workday

    Read how Alexa Jaccarino from Fast Company set out to establish a meditation practice. Results are in… clearer thinking, greater self-awareness, more calm and more productive at work.

  8. How Meditation Increases Happiness

    At no cost at all and in just a few minutes each day, meditation can help increase your happiness and sense of well-being.

  9. A Yoga Meditation for the Busy Leader

    A simple Yoga practice only taking 15-20 minutes focused on leadership and helping your company succeed. While improving your strength, balance and flexibility you can focus on business outcomes and desires.

  10. 5 Ways Meditation Improves Sales Performance

    Today’s sales professionals are under constant pressure to deliver and solve tough problems for their clients.  Mediation has been used to help improve mental function and critical thinking.

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