Learn why people, not processes, drive successful change.

Transformational Excellence

Achieve a state of Business Agility where your entire organization is engaged, responding to market changes and emerging opportunities by applying innovative business solutions faster than the competition. 

Enterprise Agile Consulting

Providing tailored solutions to support your complex business needs

Our clients expect us to deliver solutions that are tailored to their specific industry and organizational context. 

Offering a full spectrum of consulting services, including coaching, training, change management, and staffing solutions, we have what it takes to deliver measurable results.

  • Proven  track record
  • Industry-specific expertise
  • Leadership experience
  • Holistic approach
  • people-centered
  • Passionate partnership

Agile Assessments

Understanding where you are today to build a better future

Many companies find themselves in a challenging position where they have started adopting agile ways of working but struggle to realize it’s full benefits.  

Our maturity assessment takes an objective view across the organization to understand what is and isn’t working optimally including:

  • Financial planning
  • Portfolio management
  • Value metrics and ROI
  • Program management
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Agile practices

More than frameworks

Transforming the way people work together, we help our clients go beyond the frameworks to address the human element of organizational change that drive success.

Understand where you are today

Using interviews with members across your organization, our team will create an agile roadmap to help guide your agile transformation and maturity.

Empowering Leadership

Why work with Guidance Technology?

Unlock Organizational Agility

Empower People

Build a Thriving Culture
Accelerate Delivery

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