When does 25 – 8 not equal 17?

Just Noticing Saturday morning I was on my bicycle, training for the Pan-Mass Challenge.  We were making our way through some back roads and I realized how out of shape I was as I struggled to keep up with by friends.  I had fallen a bit behind and was peddling

Measuring Agile Success

Measuring Agile Success:  A look at Metrics In the just released VersionOne 9th Annual State of Agile Survey,  they asked how people measure success on a day-to-day basis. Respondents provided 23 different answers, and the number one selection was Velocity (59%) followed by Iteration burndown (51%) and Release burndown (39%). Half way down the list, at number 11,  Budget vs

Commit. You’ll figure it Out!

Commit.  You'll Figure it out This past weekend, August 4th and 5th, I rode in the Pan Mass Challenge along with 3 friends.  The Pan-Mass Challenge raises money for life-saving cancer research and treatment at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute through an annual bike-a-thon that crosses the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Since its

Feeling the Pain

Do they Know It's Christmas? In 1984 Band Aid released the song "Do they Know It's Christmas?" to raise money for anti-poverty efforts in Ethiopia. The song went on to become a huge hit that year and was instrumental in raising awareness of what was going on in

How will you use your 20 seconds?

I recently started working out. I would say again, but when the last time you worked out was more than 10 years ago, I think you just go with "started". One of the routines I did yesterday on the bike was a 15 minute workout where you