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Communicating as a Scrum Master

Traditional Project Management tells us a Project Manager... provides status via a project plan facilitates status meetings with the team uses Dashboards to communicate to management is the representative of management on the team for communicating Let's see how Agile Project Management addresses communications. Download your Communication Guide today!

Release Planning

Learn how to get the most from Release Planning Does your Manager ask you: “When will you be finished?” “Can you send me the project schedule?” “What percentage complete are you?” “Can you send me details for the Program Dashboard I have to update?” If any of these questions sound familiar and

Dealing with Conflict

In today’s technology driven world, the Agile Manifesto has taught us to value Individuals and Interactions over process and tools. It is not surprising that this is the first value of the manifesto as it focuses directly on the people component of software development. The creators of the Agile Manifesto

Starting with the End

Because we are hard-wired to avoid pain, and we tend to unconsciously associate change with pain, we avoid change at all costs. Until the pain of not changing becomes greater than the pain of changing, nothing takes place. OK, so we all get it right? Change is not easy, but

What the Customer Wanted

How many times have you been on a project where you delivered something that wasn’t what the customer wanted? Maybe you came close, and maybe the customer was OK with releasing the product, but it wasn’t exactly 100% what they wanted. Sound familiar? Maybe you have even seen this picture