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Beyond Frameworks to Human Transformation

At Guidance Technology, we know that true agility isn't just about implementing frameworks; it's about transforming the way people work together. We help our clients go beyond the frameworks to address the human element of organizational change, focusing on the connections, interactions, and mindsets that drive success.

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What makes us unique?

  • Mindfulness-based approach: We leverage the power of mindfulness to help individuals and teams develop the focus, clarity, and awareness necessary for effective collaboration and continuous learning.
  • Human-centered solutions: We design and implement customized solutions that address the unique cultural, social, and psychological barriers within your organization.
  • Proven track record: We have a proven track record of helping organizations achieve significant improvements in efficiency, innovation, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction.


Why work us?

  • Unlock true agility: Achieve sustainable results that go beyond surface-level changes.
  • Empower your people: Develop your workforce into a high-performing, engaged organization.
  • Build a thriving culture: Create an environment where people can collaborate, innovate, and grow.
  • Accelerate your transformation: Achieve your goals faster with our proven approach.

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Our Team


Todd Kamens

As a proven agile champion, my passion for over 24 years has been developing and leading organizations through all stages of their Agile Transformation.  As a leader, strategist and Agile transformation advisor, my work positions senior leadership to communicate the need for change, build trust in a proven process, activate cultural shifts, and define and measure success to achieve enterprise business agility. My deep experience as a coach, mentor, and trainer, empowers talent, builds high-performing teams, and amplifies an Agile mindset at every level of the organization.  My work has driven companies to create efficiencies, elevate business growth, strengthen market position, and maximize business value in a rapidly changing digital world.


Mike Brodsky

Since 1996, Mike has been working in the fast-paced world of technical staffing.  Beginning his career in Silicon Valley, Mike placed some of the very first JAVA developers in the country. Over the years, Mike has worked in many of the top markets across the US and specializes in placing technology resources.

Mike prides himself on the relationships that he builds, both with clients and candidates. In fact, most of his work comes directly from referrals.


Dan Tousignant

Dan is a lifelong project manager and trainer with extensive experience in managing software development projects. Based upon this experience, he has adopted Agile as the primary approach for developing and implementing software. Though the role of the professional project manager is changing dramatically through these approaches, Dan coaches organizations on how to transition project teams and leadership to an Agile environment.

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