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Agile Project Management with Scrum

This two-day course includes a deep dive into the Scrum framework and a case-study driven approach to complete the Agile product lifecycle.

Product Owner and User Story

Familiarize yourself with Agile methods critical to your success in working with scrum teams focused on delivering high value solutions to. stakeholders.

Agile for teams

This one-day scrum class is intended for anyone interested in learning the core principles of Scrum or looking to receive training on the role of team members.

Agile for Executives

Half-day session providing an overview of Agile and Scrum key components and what is needed to achieve business results and ROI.

Kanban concepts

Not every organization is suited for Scrum. You may need a more evolutionary approach to becoming Agile.

Scaling Agile

Scrum is great when you have a single team, but what about when you have multiple teams working together?

PMI-ACP® Preparation Course

Three-day instructor-led PMI-ACP Prep course. This highly sought-after class is designed specifically to help you pass the PMI-ACP certification examination.

Advanced Scrum Master

This one-day course covers advanced Scrum and Agile techniques for experienced Scrum Masters and Agile coaches.

Advanced Agile review and assessment

One-day session, for teams that have been been using agile for at least 6 months, focused on agile maturity and improvement planning.


Looking to focus and improve key skills

Agile Metrics
Agile Planning
Agile Planning @ Scale
Stakeholder engagement
Backlog management
Creating a product vision
Cross-functional teams
Daily stand-up
High performing teams
Meditation workshop
Quarterly planning
Sprint Review
Stakeholder management
Transformational Product Owner
User stories
Value Stream Management
Working agreements
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