Agile Project Management with Scrum

This two-day course includes a one-day deep drive into the Scrum framework and a second day using a case-study driven approach to take a team through the complete Agile product lifecyle. It also prepares participants for the PSM I or PSPO 1 certifications from

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Scrum Master Certification Training

This two-day course covers the key components of Scrum and addresses the challenges of adopting an Agile project management approach. Whether you are new to Scrum or are looking for a refresher, this course covers all of the basics.

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Product Owner and User Story Training

Many Product Owners come from business areas of the organization and have limited familiarity with elements of software development, project management and agile methods that are critical to success in the Product Owner role.

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Agile for Teams

This one-day Scrum Team Training is intended for anyone interested in learning the core principles of Scrum or looking to receive training on the role of team members on a Scrum project.

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Agile for Executives

The Agile for Executives half-day session provides executives with an understanding of Agile and Scrum key components and what is needed at the management level to achieve the best business results and fastest ROI.

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Achieving Agility: How to Implement Scrum

Interested in implementing Agile in your Organization but not sure what the next steps are? This three-day course reviews Scrum and other Agile approaches.

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Kanban for Software Development Teams

Not every organization is suited for Scrum. You may need a more evolutionary approach to implementing Agile. This two-day training will help prepare you to implement Kanban for your organization.

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Scaling Agile

Scrum is great when you have a single team, but what about when you have multiple teams working on the same product? Well, we call this “Scaling Agile” to large projects.

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PMI-ACP® Preparation Course

We are excited to announce our updated three-day instructor-led PMI-ACP Prep course. This highly sought-after class is designed specifically to help you pass the PMI-ACP certification examination.

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Advanced Agile Training

Advanced Scrum Master and Agile Coaching

This one-day course covers advanced Scrum and Agile techniques for experienced Scrum Masters and Agile coaches. This course assumes you have taken traditional Scrum Master training and want to develop your Agile coaching skills.

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Advanced Agile Review and Assessment

This one-day training is for those teams that have been previously trained on Scrum and Agile best practices and have been practicing Agile for at least 6 months. The course will use both a lecture and exercise-based format to promote an interactive dialogue about the current state of Agile maturity and help craft a plan for improvement.

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Agile Testing Strategies

This full day session will provide participants with an understanding of Agile testing best practices. It will address the challenges of traditional testing and review in-depth the benefits of Agile Testing

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Scrum Developer Certification

This course is intended primarily for software engineers who are developing software in a Scrum environment. By providing training on Agile software engineering best practices development teams will improve their ability to develop high-quality software in the iterative and incremental fashion.

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Creating Effective User Stories

This session will provide participants with experiential training on how to create effective user stories. This course can either use the included case studies or we can use company specific case studies.

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What Clients Have to Say

With years of experience delivering Agile Training to clients of all sizes, we have consistently received high grades.

  • I attended the Scrum Master training class that was offered by Todd through Guidance Technology. Todd made the class very interesting by providing real-life scenarios and examples where agile methodologies were effective. He challenged our thought process by asking us how we would have approached a use case differently which made the training much more useful and enjoyable. I would highly recommend the training offering provided by Guidance Technology

    Vid / Healthplan /

  • Todd recently presented an insightful, engaging and well-rounded Agile training class, with a focus on Product Owner. Todd's enthusiasm and real world experiences provided helpful guidance to myself and our group on how and when to best leverage Agile in our diversified fast-paced environment. He is extremely knowledgeable in Agile project management. This was a recipe for a fun, high-energy, team building well presented detailed course. I am recommending Todd's courses to anyone seeking Scrum Master certification or knowledge on Agile project management.

    Jennifer / Healthplan /

  • I attended a Scrum training presented by Todd in Oct of 2015. The training was very well conducted and very to the point. Todd covered the basics of Scrum. He has in-depth knowledge of Agile and Scrum that helped us clarifying lot of misconceptions. I would recommend Todd to everyone who wanted to learn Scrum.

    Chandra / Digital Transformation Consulting company /

  • I recently attended Todd's "Product Owner and User Story" Training and was thoroughly impressed. Todd made the class engaging and fun. While I am typically one to shy away from ice breakers and team building activities, the "Sprint Game" was a blast and an excellent demonstration of the material we had learned in this Agile/Scrum training. Todd is very skilled at taking the experiences and input of the group and tying them back to the lessons he is teaching.

    Julie / Healthplan /

  • I recently participated in the Scrum for Product Owners two day training which Todd lead, and I was very pleased. Todd is very engaging and has a great wealth of knowledge and experience in Scrum and it's implementation. I have some prior experience in Scrum and Agile, and would recommend this class to anyone looking to enhance their knowledge-base or perfect scrum skills. That being said I think Todd did a great job engaging everyone in the class even with many different levels of agile experience. Highly recommend this training and Mr.Kamens.

    Daniel / Digital Transformation Consulting company /

  • I recently attended Todd Kamens' 2 day course on the Product Owner’s role within agile. It was a very well constructed class and Todd was able to keep us all engaged through real life examples from his past projects. The materials were very much relevant to the work I currently perform as an agile BA. As such, this course gave me better insight as to how I could foster a more effective relationship with my product owners going forward. I would highly recommend this class to my colleagues and anyone wanting basic knowledge of Agile.

    Pierre / Digital Transformation Consulting company /

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