Elon Musk’s Keys to Great Teamwork

What makes great teams great? In my drive to learn more about how great teams become great teams, I stumbled upon Ashlee Vance’s book, Elon Musk. Vance had his work cut out for him, as Musk didn’t agree to cooperate on the book until well into his writing. In

Could NBA Coach Steve Kerr be a Scrum Master?

On December 6, 2016, Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors scored 60 points in just 3 quarters of a game against the Indiana Pacers.  It was an amazing performance, and you can see the highlights over at ESPN, but that wasn't the only performance of the night.  You see, Klay

Communicating as a Scrum Master

Traditional Project Management tells us a Project Manager... provides status via a project plan facilitates status meetings with the team uses Dashboards to communicate to management is the representative of management on the team for communicating Let's see how Agile Project Management addresses communications. Download your Communication Guide today!

Learning from the Grief Cycle

Change is a powerful thing You see it on your calendar – “Tuesday, 8:30am – Scrum Training” and you get pangs in your stomach. You have been creating software for a few years now and things have been going OK.  Your team has been able to deliver what the

Release Planning

Learn how to get the most from Release Planning Does your Manager ask you: “When will you be finished?” “Can you send me the project schedule?” “What percentage complete are you?” “Can you send me details for the Program Dashboard I have to update?” If any of these questions