As a proven agile champion, Guidance Technology has been developing and leading organizations through all stages of their Agile Transformation for over 20 years.  Through leadership, strategy and advisory services, we position senior leadership to communicate the need for change, build trust in a proven process, activate cultural shifts, and define and measure success to achieve enterprise business agility.  We understand that “Agile” alone is not the answer and that our clients must deliver business outcomes that exceed client expectations or they will not be in business for long.

Our experience coaching, mentoring, and training, empowers people, builds high-performing teams, and amplifies an Agile mindset at every level of the organization.  Guidance helps driven companies to create efficiencies, elevate business growth, strengthen market position, and maximize business value in a rapidly changing digital world.

Agile Training

As a premier Agile Training firm delivering Training since 2010, Guidance Technology's skilled instructors bring real world industry experience into the classroom. All classes deliver core Agile understanding in addition to real-world examples and case studies.

Technical Staffing

We understand that placing a professional is not simply based on skillsets or credentials alone. Our goal is to elevate our clients’ business through technical staffing solutions that support their greatest asset; their people!

Agile Coaching

We believe that all companies can deliver value to their customers while being able to adapt to change. With years of industry experience, our Coaching staff will help improve Product Development outcomes.

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From Fortune 500 to start-ups throughout North America

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Guidance Technology is a premier Agile Training, Consulting and Technology Staffing firm serving Fortune 500, as well as smaller businesses, throughout North America for over 18 years. With unparalleled Agile training and Consulting expertise, Guidance Technology delivers digital transformation consulting, execution and training across all industry verticals. We help to enable our clients to improve their productivity, gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace and deliver value while reducing costs.