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Course Overview

In this two-day course, organizations that are interested in adopting Agile should evaluate the principles behind Kanban and how they can work together with other Agile approaches. Kanban is a lean manufacturing method developed by Toyota to improve the efficiency of production. Kanban has become a popular method for ensuring the continual delivery of software and supporting the sustainable pace of the development team.

This training takes the concepts of Open Kanban and combines them with other best-practice Agile techniques to deliver a complete Kanban implementation approach. While not as prescriptive as Scrum, Kanban provides an evolutionary approach to improving your software development processes.

Course Topics

  • What Kanban is and how it relates to other Agile methodologies
  • How to utilize Kanban at the portfolio, program and project levels
  • How Kanban facilitates continuous improvement
  • How to work with the Kanban method to eliminate bottlenecks and reduce risk

Participants receive a course workbook that covers the details of each topic to assist during the course and serve as a tool for future reference and taking action when returning to the workplace.

Certification & PDU's

Guidance Technology provides a certificate of completion of the Course for each participant after the completion of the course.  

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